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MAY 21 2016

Young Eagles Flights

Every 3rd Saturday, March-November

How it works……..

We start early on Saturday (7:00).  The earlier you arrive the sooner your Young Eagle will fly.  Registration is cut off at 10:00am.  Any child registered will be flown, unless weather or other conditions do not allow it.  A parent or guardian must be present.  After registration your flyer will be given a number and when the number is assigned to a pilot they will be called by name.  Please inform the registration desk if your Young Eagle has special needs or mannerisms that may affect the flight safety.    Thank You

Free flights for 8yrs-17yrs



A picture of your Young Eagle will be printed during his/her flight.  It will be presented right after the flight by the pilot.  This picture will probably be featured on this website.  Look for it a few days after their flight.  We are glad that your Young Eagle flew with us!  

More Pictures

young eagles pilots

Our pilots donate the use of their aircraft, their time and expertise.  They volunteer this service as part of their dedication to Chapter 1230’s mission.  To educate young people about aviation and flight.  Besides, it is another excuse to go fly!  Your Young Eagle’s grin is thanks enough!  

More Pilot Pictures

Young Eagles crew

It takes a few bodies and some sharp minds to put on a program like Young Eagles.  Especially a program that is so efficient and safe.  We often see over 20 volunteers pitching in to get the mission accomplished.  

More Crew Pictures