Eaa 1230 Members and Volunteers

The folks who get it done!   

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Membership is easy….come to a meeting!

Next Meeting
MAY 17, 2016
6:30 PotLuck
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                        MAY 21, 2016


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What to know

Our meetings start off with a potluck dinner at 6:30pm. Always at the Solano County Airport building on Airport Road in Vacaville.  Just north of Lowes.  We conduct our meeting with Roberts Rules of Order but it is quite informal.  A portion of the the meeting involves safety issues, aviation medical, Young Eagles programn and project progress reports.  Come Join us.

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How to Join

It is simple!

Our Chapter is affiliated with the Experimental Aircraft Association.  All members must also be a member of that organization.  Our yearly dues are $20.00.  The national EAA dues are $40.00 or a family can join for $50.00.  There is no prerequisites to join.  Just an interest in aviation and flight…Or just a love for potluck..

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Our Members

We are glad to meet you!

Our membership is very diverse.  We have many occupations represented as well as retired folks.  Our age ranges from teens to…..well let’s just say some older folks.  All of us are eager to have you come and enjoy our fellowship.  All involving flight and the promotion of aviation in our society.  Come join us but visit here to learn more about us.